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The Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 4-in-1 Makeup Brush Forever Changed the Way I Do My Makeup
When we hear a makeup brush has a waitlist of over 8,000 people after selling out within 15 minutes of being restocked, we can't help but take notice. The Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 4-in-1 Makeup Brush is ...

The best makeup brush cleaner
If you've spent big bucks on makeup brushes, you want them to last as long as possible. One way to extend their life is by purchasing a makeup brush cleaner. Regular soap or shampoo can damage ...

This "brush spa" quickly cleans and reshapes makeup brushes back to their original state
Makeup brushes need to be cleaned often to prevent bacteria and makeup buildup. But over time, washing makeup brushes can also weaken and fray the bristles, making the makeup brushes harder to use.

EX1 Cosmetics founder Farah Naz gives advice on how to keep your make up brushes clean
In case you're unsure whether you're following the right steps to keep your beauty stash germ-free, we've spoken to Imperial College biochemist Farah Naz to hear her expert advice.

Fiona Stiles Shared the Cutest Way to Separate Dirty and Clean Makeup Brushes
For those of us that like to collect (or, more accurately, hoard) makeup brushes, washing all of them can be a dreaded task. Even separating the ones that need to be cleaned from the ones that don't ...

Skincare brands glow as make-up gets a lockdown brush-off
Domestic skincare and beauty brands have reported an uptick in online sales as homeworkers give their pores a much-needed break from make-up and look for ways to pamper themselves during the lockdown ...

Asia’s Rich Brush Aside Risk to Buy Chinese Developer Debt
When China’s largest residential property developer raised money this month, a third of interest came from banks that service the wealthy, a group keeping faith with the nation’s beleaguered builders ...

Suriname president brushes off murder conviction in re-election bid
Few leaders have a shadow that hang over Suriname's President Desi Bouterse: a former coup leader, convicted of murder and drug smuggling.

InventHelp Inventor Develops All-In-One Applicator System for Makeup and Brushes (NJD-2031)
"I wanted to create a compact, all-in-one multi-tool for applying makeup with the brush of choice," said an inventor, from Manalapan, N.J., "so I invented the APPLI-K." ...

4 easy tricks to wear eye makeup now that masks are covering the rest of our faces
Considering that we’re probably going to be wearing masks for a while, it’s time to learn how to play up your eyes,” says Mary Irwin, celebrity makeup artist, who points out that switching from being ...

Makeup Artists Agree: These Are the Best Under-Eye Concealers for the 40+ Crowd
The makeup and skincare pivots that best complement mature skin are well-documented here at Who What Wear. Some of our all-time favorites are in the 40-plus club—ethereal humans such as Tracee Ellis ...

Fallen Electrical Lines Spark Brush Fire
Fallen electrical lines sparked a brush fire in Shaler. Tunch & Wolf's Annual Walk For The Homeless Goes VirtualPittsburgh Today Live's Heather and David have the details about Tunch & Wolf's annual ...

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