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The best makeup brush sets you can buy for less than $50
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How to clean your makeup brushes at home
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This Ingenious New Brush Gadget Is A Make-Up Bag Must-Have
There is little a global make-up artist doesn’t know about the art of travelling well, whether that’s to an evening soirée or abroad on business; so when one creates a product designed to cater for ...

It May be time to Clean those Makeup Brushes
When was the last time you clean those makeup brushes, if you have to think about it, it's been too long. Our own beauty expert Michael Moore with Moore for Life shows that it's easy to do and ...

Mother left paralysed after borrowing her friend’s make-up brush
A young mother has revealed how a split-second decision to use her friend’s make-up brush nearly killed her and left her paralysed. Jo Gilchrist never thought using her friend’s make-up brush would ...

When to use your fingers versus brushes to apply makeup, according to experts
Sometimes your makeup will look smoother if you use brushes but, in some cases, your fingers can give you a more blended look.

Jo Gilchrist became paralysed after a staph infection from a make up brush
A young mother has revealed how a split second decision to use her friend's makeup brush nearly killed her - and left her wheelchair-bound. Jo Gilchrist, from Queensland, was left paralysed from the ...

I Need to Tell the World About This Powerful (and Supercheap) Brush Set
Purchasing quality makeup brushes that can perfect my complexion without leaving streaks or irritating my face tends to be expensive. Which doesn’t stop me from regularly taking the plunge ...

I was left paralysed and nearly died after using a friend’s make-up brush
A YOUNG mum who used her best friend's make-up brush was left paralysed just hours later. Jo Gilchrist, 31, was struck down by a rare condition after making the split-decision to borrow the brush - ...

Save 20% on The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally T-Shirt Dress and Makeup Brush Set
Halloween is just around the corner, but we wouldn't blame you for using Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally t-shirt dress and Deadly Night Shade makeup set year round. Plus, Hot Topic ...

Young mum paralysed after borrowing friend's make-up brush to cover spot
A young mum has revealed how she was left paralysed and told she would never walk again after borrowing a friend's make-up brush. Jo Gilchrist, from Queensland, Australia, thought nothing of using the ...

Chinese makeup brush sector expands global presence
Workers manufacture makeup brushes on an assembly line at a plant in Luyi, Central China's Henan Province, on August 5. Photo: IC A customer shops for makeup brushes at a store. Photo: IC Luyi, a ...

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