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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes (and How Often You Should Do It)
We paint, contour, and highlight our faces with makeup brushes every day, but we can't always say the same thing about how frequently we're cleaning those brushes. Giving them a thorough washing every ...

The best makeup brush cleaners
These are the best makeup brush cleaners you can buy to keep your brushes clean and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Best Makeup Brushes in 2020
Whether your preferred look is dramatic or soft and subtle, a good set of makeup brushes is a must. BS-MALL Makeup Brushes are an excellent overall set, offering a nice variety of brushes at a low ...

10 best eye make-up brush sets you need in your collection
Whether you prefer a natural eye look or something a bit more dramatic, you need the right tools to achieve it. With so many make-up brushes out there for every technique imaginable, putting together ...

Why This Beauty Editor Might Never Use a Makeup Sponge Again
I pick up my well-worn makeup sponge and am this close to getting up to clean it in my bathroom across the hall. A wave of laziness passes through my body at that very moment, leading me to put it ...

How To Do Pink Makeup That Suits Your Vibe, According To Ulta Beauty Pro Artists
Use a small flat brush to cover those hard-to-reach areas so you can really open up the eyes ... like the Ulta Beauty Plumped Up Pout in Gumdrop or Sweet Taffy ($10). Ahead, shop all of the Makeup by ...

Using Two Shades of Undereye Concealer Creates a More Natural Look, According to a Professional Makeup Artist
(Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes has a genius tip for shade-matching ... "It may look great with your ring light for Instagram, but in real life, you probably look a little too painted." After ...

Makeup Tips: Check out the tips to clean and disinfect your makeup products regularly
Taking care of your makeup products is a crucial thing. Makeup products and brushes should be disinfected regularly otherwise they will catch bacteria easily, which will cause numerous skin problems.

Vegan make-up brush sets to add to your cruelty-free make-up collection
Vegan beauty is expanding at a fast rate, and one easy way to change your beauty routine is to start with ethical make-up brushes. With major brands changing their practises, newer sustainable brands ...

The Best Makeup Bags for On-the-Go Beauty
No matter what category you fall into, we've rounded up the best makeup bags to keep you looking and feeling your best while jet-setting. Filled with elastic straps to hold brushes and tubes and a ...

Why You Should Never Store Your Makeup In Your Bathroom
Taking to Instagram this week, consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto broke down exactly why our makeup products, brushes and sponges may happen to get so filthy, and the answer is a lesson to most ...

How to tell longwear makeup products from those that’ll peace out in 2 seconds
Both Aunique and Irwin find that for the most part, you can make any product long-lasting by properly preparing and priming the skin, and applying makeup with a brush or sponge to get it to better ...

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